“The warranties could have been written in hieroglyphics and they might have made more sense. And I had been struggling in that fashion for a couple of months. Boy did you walk into a mess!!!”

“After just three days, I swear I heard ding, ding, ding, ding… and could see a light bulb flashing over my head. I actually understood what I was supposed to be doing. I want to thank you for your vast knowledge of warranty and your excellent ability to teach others. NO ONE could have done it better. You’re a lifesaver.”
Terri – GM Warranty Claims Administrator

“I continue to be in your debt. I mean this in its most sincere and truest form – the day I met you and your lovely wife and attended your class, I have been amazed with you and the outstanding job you do and provide to all of us needy people. You are the guardian angel of the dealership world and I pay homage to you. Your advice and guidance has never failed me, I only wish that there was some way I could repay you for all that you do.”

Chris – GM Warranty Claims Administrator

“David, can’t thank you enough for your help this past year. I personally enjoy your company a great deal. You are interesting to talk with and your thoughts are always uplifting and refreshing. For the record, we’ve gone 12 months now without a condition code on our 362-126 report.”

Bill – Ford LM Fixed Operations Director

“David, thanks for your help in the past, hope to have your help in the future.”

Rodney – Chevrolet Oldsmobile Service Director

“Dave, I really appreciate everything that you have shared with me since we met. I have found it to be very valuable and a great peace of mind for me when I try to sleep! Thanks again.”

Daryl – VW Nissan Isuzu Saab Kia Fixed Operations Director

“Since this store had suffered a Nissan audit in excess of $100,000 several years ago, we were all worried about the potential of this one. To our delight, the debit was less than $6,000. Pretty amazing considering they examined over $400,000 of warranty claims. Thanks for all your help.”

Bob – Nissan Service Director

“David, I respected the way you were able to quickly identify the driving factors behind our high warranty expense trend and lay out an effective game plan to avoid a warranty audit.”

Chris – Ford LM General Manager

“I could have never learned this so fast and gotten so far if it wasn’t for you. I know I called you a lot, but you never seemed to mind and always took time to help me out and explain why I had to do something a certain way. And you always do it without making me feel stupid! Thanks for all your help.”

Deborah – GM Warranty Claims Administrator

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! We had our closing meeting yesterday and the final chargeback was less than $700. I wish we would’ve called you long ago. Your services and expertise were invaluable.”

Jonathan – Nissan Dealer Principal

“Thanks for the service manager’s training course. I thank you for sharing your knowledge and stories with me. I can’t wait to dig into the file you gave me.”

Alan – Ferrari Maserati Service Director

Comments from various workshop attendees

“Very good!!! Classes can be boring, but the instructor had a great sense of humor and talked in a way that kept you interested so it was not boring at all.”

“The warranty seminar was great!! You taught it very well!! I really enjoyed the class!!”

“I thought the class was great and there were some things that I picked up. I don’t care how long you have been doing this, you can always find something that you can do better. Again, thanks for the info and I hope we can talk again, I hope it’s not over a DSR.”

“David, I went to an ‘advanced’ warranty class put on by GM last Tuesday. It does not hold a candle to your class.”

“David has a way of cutting through the BS and supplying us with the information we need. He does an excellent job.”

“The Warranty Instruction & Reference Manual is GREAT! It was worth the cost of the workshop just by itself.”

“The presentation and information was what I liked best. When it was over I had learned a lot and didn’t feel like I’d been sitting in a class all day.”

“I liked the interaction with others in the class. It was very well planned and presented.”

“The overall presentation was great! The helpful hints about GMPP claims and allowances that can be collected was a plus.”

“I learned several new ‘tips’ and found it to be very informative.”

“I would’ve paid $500 just for the Warranty Manual.”

“I went to a GM warranty workshop last week and I must tell you that I didn’t get as much from it as I did from yours.”

“All the points I had questions about were covered.”

“I learned a great deal from this course and feel the dealership has already seen the return on investment. I also would like to thank you for the additional help on things since the class.”

“It was very easy to converse with the instructor.”

“David is very knowledgeable about warranty.”

“Thank you for the workshop. It was very informative.”

“I have been to several GM training classes and found yours to be the most enjoyable and informative.”

“A person should have learned enough to recover the cost of the workshop almost immediately.”

“I enjoyed your class yesterday very much, and I did learn a lot, I hope you have more classes that I will be able to come to, also wanted to let you know that the newsletters and the information materials we get from you, help us on a daily basis.”

“Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I appreciated the warranty clinic. What struck me most was the time and pace the seminar was performed. You use a common sense and language that could be understood by most. The knowledge I gained will be helpful immediately, as well as down the road.”

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