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Perfect Compliance?

The question often comes up of whether we’ve ever seen a store with perfect warranty compliance.  Of course, the answer is no, but some have come close.
We’ve always heard and quoted that human error accounts for 5% of compliance errors and our experience in audits tends to support that percentage. 
When you consider the number of […]

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2014 Predictions

Over the years we’ve made predictions of what was coming down the pike.  Many are based on trends we see, or feedback from the field, while others are just gut feelings.  In either case, many of our predictions have proven remarkably accurate.  Here’s what we see coming in 2014.
Increased Audit Scrutiny—Audits are a way of […]

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Regions Scramble to Warn Dealers

Various GM regions are scrambling to inform dealers of looming corporate-level audits.  For a recap, GM reactivated the General Motors Audit Services (GMAS) teams in September 2012 after a 13-year hiatus.  From what we’ve seen, these audits have been nothing less than brutal, often exceeding $80,000 to $120,000+.  Regional audits have been fair, for the […]

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