Services Offered

Warranty Compliance Reviews

A complete, in house review of dealer operations related to warranty administration and compliance along with an in-depth report outlining shortcomings and praising positive performance.

Outsourced Auditing

Many manufacturers are turning to outsourced warranty audits to reduce personnel expense, maximize resources, maintain flexibility and insure unbiased opinions. Warranty Matters has conducted outsourced audits for a variety of high-line manufacturers. In some cases, we’ve developed the process and procedure from the ground up. In others, we work with existing manufacturer criteria or programs such as DART to conduct the audits.

Audit Avoidance Assistance

Once common practices may very well lead a dealership toward a corporate audit without them even knowing. This review will isolate “hot spots” that can define out-of-line situations and reduce audit exposure.

Audit Appeals

Armed with comprehensive knowledge of warranty compliance and background in appeals, we can review all chargebacks and prepare appeal petitions. In most cases, the amount successfully appealed will more than pay for the visit. An absolute must if you have been audited.

Factory Compliance Programs

No matter what you call them, Dealer Self Reviews, Warranty Counseling Process actions, and chargebacks, are usually the precursors to a full-blown audit and must be taken seriously. We can assist your staff with an objective evaluation and prepare and action plan to avoid advancement into the process. This service includes a written response to the manufacturer as well as a confidential management report outlining areas of concern.

Mail-in Mini Audits

An affordable alternative to on-site visits, although not as all encompassing as an in-house review. Claims are mailed to us and returned with a confidential management report addressing concerns, if any. Minimum 50 claims required.

Warranty Training

Warranty Matters offers in-house training on warranty claim input and compliance procedures. Because the training is conducted in your dealership, we use your claims and your receivable schedule. This offers the dealership the tools to “clean” their schedule while training your warranty claims administrator.

GM Warranty Administration Workshops

Warranty Matters conducts GM Warranty Administration Workshops across the country. If you have an interest in attending or setting up a workshop in your area, contact us directly. Click here for more information.

Service Department Profitability & Organization

Being able to take an inside look at a vast number of dealerships throughout the years has offered Warranty Matters the ability to share that knowledge with many of its clients. From simply establishing paper-flow organization, to analyzing financial shortcomings, Warranty Matters can help.

Maintenance Menu Building

Warranty Matters can evaluate and reconstruct and design your current Maintenance Menu to be more competitive and insure adequate gross profit margins are available by utilizing a vast database of known pricing policies of your aftermarket competition.

Policy & Procedure Manuals

We have assisted two high-line import manufacturers with a complete re-write of their policy & procedure manuals, insuring they meet industry benchmarks and can be clearly understood by all parties.

Expert Witness

As a recognized expert in warranty administration and policy, David has testified in several proceedings both in a courtroom and before manufacturer’s policy boards. Attorneys representing dealerships in warranty related disputes often call for his advice.

GM Warranty Manual

Warranty Matters has assembled the most up-to-date GM warranty training manual available. This manual is used by hundreds of dealerships, warranty claim processing companies and factory reps.

Read an excerpt from the Manual


Warranty Matters publishes the GM Warranty Newsletter 12 times annually at a very affordable price. No obligation evaluation copies
are available.

Read past issues of the GM Newsletter.

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