Warranty Instruction & Reference Manual – GM Edition

Warranty Instruction & Reference Manual, GM Edition – $349.00

The most up-to-date GM warranty manual available anywhere!

Now Updated to Include Global Warranty Management.  Finally there’s a GM warranty manual that makes sense. Written and designed by nationally known warranty compliance expert, David Henson, this manual puts the most called-for General Motors claim processing answers right at your fingertips in an easy-to-follow format.A number of GM factory reps are currently using this manual on a daily basis and a link to this resource was added to www.gmglobalconnect.com in 2002.

This manual will pay for itself—possibly with the first use!

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Here’s what people are saying about this manual:

“I would’ve paid $500 for the Warranty Manual. I use it everyday.”

“The Warranty Instruction & Reference Manual is GREAT! It’s worth 10 times more than the cost.”

“I could have never learned this so fast if it weren’t for this manual.”

“Send me 3 more manuals. I want them for the service advisors too.”

“My former warranty administrator left for another dealership and apparently took the manual.  Please send me another one.  I won’t let this one get away.”

This manual provides clear, concise information on:

  • Coding the Transaction
  • GM Transaction Types and Authorization Codes
  • Net Item Codes
  • Navigating GWM
  • Hidden Allowances
  • GWM Differences
  • Managing a Dealer Self-Review
  • Coverage Codes and Usage
  • Tire Replacement Compliance
  • GMPP / MIC Transaction Processing
  • Paint & Transportation Transaction Handling
  • T-Transaction Receiving / Inspection Guide
  • Defining Paint Conditions
  • Warranty Schedule Adjustment Form
  • Shop Comeback Tracking
  • Repair vs. Replace Form
  • Rental Car Qualification Form
  • GWM Complaint & Cause Codes
  • Special Z Labor Operations
  • NPF Labor Operations and Compliance Guidelines
  • Warranty Coverage Charts
  • Paint & Material Allowance Charts
  • VIN Breakdowns
  • Goodwrench Service Plus Reference
  • Dealer Support Listing
  • Parts Department Reference Chart
  • Administrative Allowance Labor Operations
  • Plus Much More…

Newly-Expanded to Include:

  • Current Model Warranty Coverage
  • New Wiring Repair Claiming Process
  • Wiring Harness View Matrix
  • New Tire Processing Updates & Prorates
  • Claiming WPC Core Credits
  • Global Warranty Management Specific
  • Appealing a Debited Transportation Transaction
  • GMPP / MIC In-Depth Information
  • Rental Car Qualification Form
  • Oil Consumption Test Form
  • Shuttle Log
  • Notification of Vehicle Completion Letter
  • GWM Reject Analysis

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