Service Department Operation Guide

Service Department Operation Guide – $39.95

Available only on Compact Disk

Not a Policy & Procedure Manual, but an affordable option for dealerships to establish “common-sense” guidelines and policies for the Service Department.

This Guide addresses the day-to-day tribulations encountered in a typical Service Department and can be quickly customized to fit any situation or dealership.

This Guide addresses the following areas:

  • Customer Handling Guidelines
  • Avoiding Disputes With The Customer
  • Work Flow / Dispatch
  • Warranty Process Rules & Regulations
  • Attendance Requirements
  • Dress / Appearance Guidelines
  • Internet / Computer Usage
  • Shop Safety

This guide is sent to you on compact disk in Microsoft Word® format and can be customized to your dealership in a matter of minutes.

To order your copy of the Service Department Operation Guide on Compact Disk for only $39.95 each, fill out our online order form.

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