Audit Awareness & Appeal Guide

Audit Awareness & Appeal Guide – $139.95

How to avoid, prepare for and appeal a manufacturer’s warranty audit.

—What the factory doesn’t want you to know—

This guide will take you step-by-step through typical audit procedures and provide sound advice on…

  • Maintaining Acceptable Standards to Avoid an Audit
  • What to do if you Become an Audit Target
  • Pre-Audit Guidelines and Checklist
  • Different Audit Types
  • The Audit Process – Start to Finish
  • Possible Chargeback Categories
  • Reacting to Accusations of Fraud
  • The Appeal Process
  • Appeal Strategy

Quite simply, there is no other Guide of its kind on the market today.

All manufacturers have varying methods of deciding who to audit, means of performing the audit and limits to audit appeals. Many rules remain unpublished by the manufacturers and leave the dealership to fend for themselves. This Guide can level the playing field.

This Guide cuts through the maze of confusion and offers clear, sound advice to reduce exposure and possibly save the dealership thousands of dollars in unexpected audit chargebacks.

Written and designed by nationally known warranty compliance expert, David Henson, the Guide contains 30 years practical experience and suggestions that have never before been published.

Read an excerpt from the Audit Awareness & Appeal Guide

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