Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need a consultant?

Not all businesses hire a consultant just “because something is wrong.” More and more, consultants are retained to improve on already top-notch practices. The nature of their work allows them to see a variety of ways to accomplish goals and can offer new perspectives. In other cases there may be serious situations that require an expert that specializes in a particular field.

What would I expect to accomplish?

You should have this answer before starting the search for a consultant. Some consultants would have you believe they are experts in all areas of dealership operations when they may actually be more comfortable with only certain aspects. These consultants often wander into areas they are more “tuned to” rather than concentrate on the task at hand. Specify your situation and results you would like to see.

What about references and background information?

It seems like everyone who ever worked in a dealership is printing up business cards proclaiming themselves as consultants these days.
References should always be readily available and include senior management at stores where they have actually worked and achieved results. Reputable consultants are proud to have you look into their background and references.

Can I / we interview the consultant?

A pretty simple but important question. Casual conversation will reveal tons of information about a person’s character, knowledge, experience and communication skills. Avoid consultants that boast about what they can do. The best consultants will address things you
and your staff need to do and readily admit that even a lot attendant may know something they don’t. Successful consultants possess a confident, rather than arrogant attitude. If you don’t feel comfortable with the individual or firm, keep looking.

What will be the agenda and how can you be prepared?

Just like you know what you need to do from day to day, a consultant should also. Your consultant should provide you with a list of information and / or documentation needed to begin the assignment. A seasoned consultant will have a pre-determined agenda set to accomplish the necessary objective in the best time frame possible.

Who will make travel and lodging arrangements?

Depending on the situation and / or location, either party may receive corporate discounts for lodging or travel. You should always be offered the option of making arrangements.

Will I be expected to sign a contract?

A contract protects the dealership as well as the consultant. All consultants should provide an easy-to-understand contract that clarifies costs, including transportation, lodging, fees and confidentiality. Avoid being locked into long-term contracts without an “out.” This
protects the dealership as well as the consultant.

Will the consultant follow-up?

Follow-ups are essential to the successful conclusion of a consultant’s findings and / or suggestions. Depending on the nature of business this may require additional on-site visits, fax or email¬†communications, phone calls and hard work. Make sure the consultant has a willingness to see your situation through to a mutually agreed conclusion.

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