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Perfect Compliance?

The question often comes up of whether we’ve ever seen a store with perfect warranty compliance.  Of course, the answer is no, but some have come close.
We’ve always heard and quoted that human error accounts for 5% of compliance errors and our experience in audits tends to support that percentage. 
When you consider the number of […]

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Retaining Bulletins

I’ve fielded a number of calls lately asking whether or not copies of bulletins should be retained with the repair order.
Although there isn’t a specific requirement we can find in the P&P, we strongly urge clients to retain a copy.
As you know, bulletins are constantly updated to reflect revised diagnostic or repair procedures.  Perhaps by […]

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Tech Comments

Back before the regional training centers were closed, they were slated to spend time in each class instructing technicians on proper comments and other compliance requirements to support their repair.  Somewhere down the line, that idea fell by the wayside.
As we’ve said many times before, as long as you’re in this business, you’ll need to […]

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Regions Scramble to Warn Dealers

Various GM regions are scrambling to inform dealers of looming corporate-level audits.  For a recap, GM reactivated the General Motors Audit Services (GMAS) teams in September 2012 after a 13-year hiatus.  From what we’ve seen, these audits have been nothing less than brutal, often exceeding $80,000 to $120,000+.  Regional audits have been fair, for the […]

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Claim Coding Wars

Most of our readers and clients are fairly certain their warranty compliance is acceptable, if not stellar.  In most cases, an independent review would probably bear that out, but warranty rules can be a virtual minefield.
Let’s take add-ons for instance, we’ve often addressed claim coding and how unrelated failures found in the shop are considered […]

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Suspected Tampering

Back in July 2011, we published an article titled “Tamper Proofing Vehicles” that outlined efforts by some manufacturers to stem the tide of Lemon Law buybacks, particularly in California, but becoming more common across the country.
Although GM doesn’t have such a program in place, they do have a means of reporting suspected tampering, or vehicle […]

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CPVS & Goodwill

Should Goodwill be included in Cost Per VIN Serviced (CPVS) calculations? Warranty Matters received a call from Consumer Reports magazine several years back. Their question was simple: Do manufacturers pressure dealers NOT to perform Goodwill (or After-Warranty-Adjustments) on vehicles?
I was surprised to find the reporter assigned to this story so well-versed in one of the […]

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Ford’s WCP

If you have been entered into Ford’s Warranty Counseling Process, we can help. Make no mistake, this is a serious matter. As you may know, this multi-step process begins as follows:
Step 1: Dealer Self-Review – Dealership is allowed to self-review warranty issues and compliance from a computer generated list of claims. Although Ford suggests “two […]

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